This Wiki covers everything and anything about food trucks! We talk about:

What a food truck is, Festivals,trucks by Region, State, and City, and trucks by cuisine.


We welcome any and all edits and contributions to our Wiki! Please categorize every page appropriately. See guide below:

When creating food truck pages, please use the Food Truck template: Template:FoodTruck

The format is as follows:

| image   = 
| location   = 
| cuisine = 
| owner      = 
| website = 
| facebook = 
| twitter  = 

The box to the right is an example of what your completed template will look like.

About This Wiki
Location San Francisco, California
Cuisine Mexican, Tacos
Owner Jason Hoffman & Justin Close
Website Official website
Facebook Official page
Twitter @TheTacoGuys

Please Categorize each Food Truck page with three categories:

1. Cuisine (Asian, American, Mexican, French, Desserts, Italian, Mediterranean, Eastern European, Indian, Vegan, Vegetarian, South American)

2. City

3. Region (Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, The South, Midwest) OR by Country

4. City + Cuisine (Example: New York Asian)

Example- The Taco Guys food truck would have the following categories: Mexican, San Francisco, Northwest, San Francisco Mexican

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