Big Wheel Provisions
Location Orlando, FL
Cuisine Sandwiches
Owner Tony Adams
Website Official website
Twitter @BigWheelTruck

Big Wheel Truck was started by Big Wheel Provisions, a catering and craft food outlet run by Chef Tony Adams in Orlando, FL. Big Wheel focuses on gourmet preparation of local and organically grown food and pastured meat and eggs.

Big Wheel Truck is currently making weekly appearances at several Food Truck Pods around town as well as the Audubon Park Community Market at Stardust Video and Coffee.

Where is this truck usually parked?Edit

It varies but it updates on Twitter


Menu is highly seasonal because of the focus on local foods and because Tony buys whole animals or sides.

Appetizers: $2-$6 Entrees & Sandwiches: $6-$11 Drinks & Sweets: $1-$5


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