Location San Francisco, California
Cuisine Beer
Owner Hugh Schick
Facebook Official page
Twitter Twitter

Brewtruc is a schoolbus turned mobile bar, which serves a wide variety of beers for you on-the-go in San Francisco! The bus will be permitted to operate as a licensed limousine, which will allow it to serve several local and microbrew beers on tap. Owner Hugh Schick envisions being able to drive food truck enthusiasts to food truck meet ups, such as Off the Grid, so that they can enjoy beer and food together.

Patrons will be able to make reservations online and from their mobile phones before boarding the bus. Schick cautions that the atmosphere on brewtruc will definitely not be anything resembling a "party bus," but more of a mobile tap room.

Schick is also part owner of bus-turned-food truck "Le Truc", though he is no longer involved in daily operations there.

Where is this truck usually parked?Edit

It varies, though will include the Lunch Box, and will update on Facebook.


The menu has not been released yet.


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