Double Trouble BBQ
Double Trouble BBQ
Location Austin, Texas
Cuisine Southern BBQ
Owner Jamie Nelson & Kline Boyd
Website Official website
Twitter @doubletroublebb

Double Trouble BBQ serves your ordinary BBQ items, like brisket and smoked pork sandwiches, only the vessel by which it's cooked, prepared, and served to the people is far from ordinary. Double Trouble is the first amphibious food truck/boat, floating on the waters of Lake Austin on weekends, and on the roads of Austin during the week.

On Thursdays, on land, they provide free beers and live music to customers.

Where is this truck usually parked?Edit

On Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting, Double Trouble can be found floating on Lake Austin from 11:30 AM until sunset, in the Party Cove near Hula Hut. During the week, BBQ is served on the street at 5300 South Congress Ave.


Double trouble menu


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