Ebbett's Good to Go
Location San Francisco, CA
Cuisine Sandwiches
Owner Suzanne Schafer and Shari Washburn
Website Official website
Twitter @ebbettsgoodtogo

Ebbett's Good to Go serves up their signature Cuban Sandwich along with a rotating selection of fresh, organic, and sustainable choices. There is always at least one vegetarian sandwich on the menu, as well.

The easily-recognizable blue truck was launched by moms Suzanne Schafer and Shari Washburn after their kids started full-time school. Their desire to feed people healthy, wholesome lunches coupled with wanting to spend more time with their kids resulted in this food truck in 2010.

Chef David Elias, formerly of Hawthorne Lane, Heart, ad hoc, and Bay Wolf, came on board in 2011 to add a more professional perspective to the amateur duo.

Their motto is "Admit it... you need a sandwich."

Where is this truck usually parked?Edit

Various spots in Emeryville, Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco, CA. Check the website or Twitter for more information.


The menu always features their signature Cuban Sandwich, a seasonal vegetarian sandwich, and a rotating selection of other sandwiches.


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