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Location San Francisco, CA
Cuisine Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, Drunch
Owner Guillermo Perez and Caroline Hummer
Website Official website
Twitter @fogcutterSF

Fogcutter is a Bay Area torta truck inspired by the food and culture of San Francisco. On the weekdays, the truck takes the torta format—a bolillo roll stuffed with meat, sauce, vegetables, herbs, beans—and puts their own twist on it. Inside the roll you may find ingredients inspired by dishes from Vietnam, India, Japan, Italy, America and, of course, Mexico. On the weekends Fogcutter takes pride in their brunch specials, which are also inspired by the melting pot of San Francisco. The truck provides a laid-back, bistro-style brunch for those unwilling to wait an hour and a half for their French toast. Founded by Guillermo Perez, formerly of Martini House and Ame, and Caroline Hummer, former operator of The Chairman food truck, Fogcutter serves seasonal, inventive dishes at food truck prices.

The truck was originally named "Brunch Box" and focused primarily on partnering with gourmet coffee shops—such as Sightglass and Ritual—to provide complimentary foods for morning service.

Michael Jeter ( designed the artwork for the wrap.

Where is this truck usually parked?Edit

They update on their websites as to their location


The Dolores - chorizo / fried egg / peppers / pickled onion / cilantro / lime aioli

Baker Beach - roasted delicata squash / braised chard / white cheddar / garlic aioli

Torta Mi - pork belly / pickled daikon / carrot / sweet n sour aioli

Portero - braised pork / cabbage-apple-mustard seed slaw