A great curry is all about your own taste. If you like your curry mild don't put lots of spice in if you like lots of meat put extra in.


All you need is a pan, a wooden spoon and a Casserole dish.


The basic ingredients (You can add extra) are...

  • A whole onion
  • Meat, Chicken/ Beef/ Lamb/ Turkey (or some Veg or Quarn if you're a Vegetarian)
  • Coconut Milk (For a Mild Curry)/ A Tomato Sauce(For a Spicy Curry)
  • A Curry Paste, which can be bought from the supermarket
  • Some extra spice (Not Compulsory) Garlic/ Ginger etc.
  • Vegetables (Not Compulsory)
  • Vegetable Oil


  • Get Your Pan and put in a tbsp (Table Spoon) of Vegetable oil into it.
  • Then Put a tbsp of curry paste into the pan and your extra spices if you choose to use them.
  • Heat on the stove until you can smell the great curry smell. If you burn them start again!
  • While this is happening dice your onion and put in the pan when you can smell the great curry smell.
  • Cook the onion until it is soft.
  • Then add your meat, make sure it is cut into smallish pieces, like you would find in a curry.
  • Cook until the meat is cooked in the middle.
  • Then add your Coconut Milk/ Tomato sauce
  • Mix it until the mixture has changed colour
  • Add more curry paste and spices if you want (to make it more spicy)
  • Take it off the heat and pour it into the casserole dish
  • Cook it whenever you want in your oven (on the same day) on about 150 degrees for in between 30 and 45 minutes.
  • Then enjoy your home made curry with some Rice and Naan Bread!