Iz It Fresh Grill
Photo by Rick Audet
Location San Francisco, California
Cuisine Hawaiian
Owner Kwong Shing
Facebook Official page
Twitter @izitfreshgrill

IZ IT is a Hawaiian mobile food truck known for its ICONIC fried chicken, KICKIN' tacos, Spam Musubi and Screamin Surf Scampi!

The Iz It stable is composed of two trucks, "Gold" and "Jade," which are colored appropriately.

Where is this truck usually parked?Edit

Locations vary, but are updated on Twitter and Facebook.


Best known for their 'Spam Musubi' and their 'The Icon', which is also known as "Kwong Shing's Fried Chicken". Kwong Shing was a small delicatessen established in the Richmond District of San Francisco and was in business for over 35 years. The Fried Chicken has their family's secret recipe; and if you grew up in the avenues, you'll know what Kwong Shing's fried chicken is all about!!! Light, crispy, bursting with juices, The Icon is served either a la carte or as a platter (with rice, and side of their special Asian salad).

Most items are $5 but price ranges from $5–$14


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