Location San Francisco, CA
Cuisine Japanese
Owner Mutsuo Hamada
Website Official website
Twitter @JapaCurry

JapaCurry sells Japanese Curry and Bento Boxes.

Where is this truck usually parked?Edit

They post a schedule on Twitter and are often near 2nd and Howard or New Montgomery and Mission on Thursdays.


  1. Katsu Curry (Pork or Chicken) $8.00 Cutlet pork or chicken over rice
  2. KUROBUTA Sausage Curry $8.00 KUROBUTA is highest quality Berkshire pork
  3. Veggie Croquette Curry (no meat) $7.50 Homemade croquette made of potato, pumpkin and onion

Bento Box

  1. BBQ Beef Bento $8.00 Shredded Beef with BBQ Sauce
  2. Chicken Teriyaki Bento $6.00 Chicken with Teriyaki sauce
  3. Tofu Bento $7.00 Fried Tofu with Brown rice
  4. NORI Bento $6.00 Fried fish, fish cake, dried seaweed over rice

Side Menu

  • Brown Rice $0.50


  • Extra Rice $0.75
  • Extra Curry Sauce $0.75
  • Extra Pickles $0.25
  • Extra Meat $3.50


  • Pumpkin Croquette $1.75
  • Sausage $0.75
  • Vegetable $1.00
  • Cheese $0.75


  • WATER and SODA $1.00
  • GREEN TEA $1.75


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