La Jarochita
Medium jarochita
Location Portland, Oregon
Cuisine Mexican
Owner Lupe Jimenez
Facebook Official page

La Jarochita is a Mexican food truck in southwest Portland, Oregon, which serves all the Mexican basics, like burritos and tacos, but also Mexican flatbread sandwiches (sopas). Tacos can be made with a variety of meat, or fish, and they even have breakfast burritos!

Where is this truck usually parked?Edit

SW 5th Ave & SW Oak St, Monday through Saturday from 7 AM- 6:30 PM.


Each taco is only $1.50 and burritos are $5. The menu ranges from the usual Mexican foods like tacos and burritos, to other dishes Americans might not be entirely used to, like sopas, giant corn meal dough patties for $3, and 24 oz horchatas for $2.


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