Johnny Rancid(played by Henry Rollins in his male body and Haley Ramm in his female body)is a minor villain/antagonist that appears in Akua Gurin,Furenchi Rozu:Shi no Piza,Akua Gurin to Pichi:Amerika-Mura U-ozu,Kurabu Pengin:Subete no Pengin o Yobidasu,and Kurabu Pengin:Issho Ni Pengin.In "Issho Ni Pengin",Rancid,along with Kitten(played by Tara Strong),Fang(played by Will Friedle),and Buzz Buzzard(played by Mark Hamill)arriving at the Sakura Japanese Restaurant that located in Lake Tamblingan Street.While there,the group are continuously insulted over the intercom system,causing a furious Kitten to enter.As she searches,she is attacked by a bloodthirsty assassin/serial killer,Odie(played by Jason Lee as an adult and Tara Platt as a child).Fang soon enters,only to find Kitten dead in the deep fat fryer before he is attacked,murdered,and killed by Odie.Later on,Odie proceeds outside to murders Johnny Rancid and Buzz Buzzard.Meanwhile,Sylvester the Cat(played by Bill Farmer)soon finds Raven has been murdered/killed and her corpse was shoved into an ice cream freezer in the 1980s style house that was supposedly the childhood home of Odie's late grandmother.However,Odie quickly reveals himself and slices Sylvester the Cat in half with his meat cleaver.At the end of "Issho Ni Pengin",a French male skunk named Pepe Le Pew(played by Maurice Lamarche)is ordering a Japanese pork cutlet at the Sakura Japanese Restaurant before Odie jumps on his 1978 Volkswagen beetle and murders him in a cold blood with a glass shard.

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