Sweet Ride
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Location Chicago, IL
Cuisine Dessert
Owner Lupita Kuri
Website Official website
Facebook Official page
Twitter @SweetRideChi

Sweet Ride is a sweets-only food truck that operates in Chicago, IL. They offer cupcakes, whoopie pies, cake pops, and puddings. They also serve 'Pupcakes', which are specially created for dog digestion.

Sweet Ride runs Tuesday through Saturday.

Where is this truck usually parked?Edit

Mainly around the downtown Chicago area, frequently near the Financial District. However, it often stops at DePaul, UIC, and University of Chicago.


  • Cupcakes: $3 regular/$2 mini
  • Whoopie Pies: $3
  • Puddings & Mousses: $4
  • Cake Pops: $3