The Lime Truck
Location Orange County, CA
Cuisine Healthy Fresh Food
Owner Blake Murphy
Website Official website
Twitter @thelimetruck

Lime was created to fill a void; Orange County needed us. We wanted to deliver amazing fresh food to people who are on the go, people cramped in office cubicles every day and provide delicious food made with high quality ingredients to our fellow insomniacs during our wild late nights.

Executive Chef Jason Quinn started his career working for Kerry Simon at his LA restaurant at the Sofitel Hotel. From there he joined the kitchen staff at Restaurant Charlie Palmer at Bloomingdales. Before designing the Lime menu, he took a job working at Hanna’s Prime Steakhouse.

Where is this truck usually parked?Edit

Multiple places throughout the week.


Try the PBLT (Pork belly, lettuce, tomato). Price range is $0-$10