The Pizza Wagon
Wood fired pizzas
Location Saltdean, Brighton, England
Cuisine Pizza
Website Official website

Good, quality food. The Pizza wagon uses a wood fire oven that provides a delicious, fresh pizza in 90 seconds. The oven provides a dry heat of 400C, which crisps up the pizza base and gives a good balance of flavour.

They provide hand made 12" wood fired pizzas with a thin crispy base and a range of toppings to choose from.

The wood fired pizza oven is built in a converted vintage horse box trailer with a hatch so you can see your pizza while it cooks!

Where is this truck usually parked?Edit

Various Rural locations in South East England.


'Neapolitan' style thin 12" base pizzas, with homemade tomato sauce and a wide range of high quality ingredients in under 2 minutes.

Toppings include artichokes, olives, parma ham, spicy chorizo, sweet roasted peppers, grilled courgettes, pesto, ricotta, red onion, spinach, goats cheese, jalepenos, manchego cheese and many more.


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