The Taco Guys
Location San Francisco, California
Cuisine Mexican, Tacos
Owner Jason Hoffman & Justin Close
Website [Facebook Official website]
Twitter @TheTacoGuys

The Taco Guys use only local and seasonal ingredients in their original tacos. They change the menu daily to accommodate what is fresh and in season.

Where is this truck usually parked?Edit

The truck frequents several locations around the Bay Area, including Marin City, the Sausalito Farmer's Market, Ocean Beach, Golden Gate Park, Downtown San Rafael, and more. You can find up-to-date information about their location on their Facebook page or on their Twitter.


The Taco Guys serve classic tacos, like the Carne Asada taco (with Grilled Marin Sun Farms hanger steak, grilled sweet onion, pico de gallo, organic black beans, melted Sonoma jack cheese, and a side of poblano chile salsa) and the Pollo Verde taco. They also serve more unique tacos, such as the Lamb Taco (with Braised Red Hill Farms leg of lamb, grilled jalapeños, Burmese spices, pickled cucumbers with sesame, Thai basil, and local sheep’s yogurt sauce) and the Taco de Pato (with marinated and grilled local duck breast with grilled squash blossoms, green onion and mole sauce).

The Taco Guys also serve refreshing, house-made drinks, such as their Vanilla-Saffron Lemonade or their Watermelon-Basil Cooler. You can find the complete menu on their website at The Taco Guys.



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