Tikka Bytes
Location Bay Area, California
Cuisine Indian
Website Official website
Facebook Official page
Twitter @TikkaBytesTruck

Tikka Bytes is a food truck that serves gourmet Indian cuisine in the Bay Area. The menu is customizable to have it "your way".

Where is this truck usually parked?Edit

The truck is usually open during lunch from 11.30 AM - 2.00 PM and dinner from 6.00 PM - 9.00 PM. However, the location changes frequently. Visit their Facebook and Twitter pages for up to date information, and click here to suggest a location


1. Start with A Style

  • Naanwich (Naan wrapped around grilled vegetables, paneer or chicken along with a choice of sauce and chutney) - $5.00
  • Rice Bowl (Biriyani topped with your choice of protein & sauces) - $6.00
  • Burrito (Aromatic biriyani from Hyderabad, Punjab inspired paneer or chicken tikka with your choice of sauce and chutney rolled in a burrito) - $7.00

2. Add A Sauce

  • Tikka Masala (Punjabi style creamy sauce made from tomatoes, ginger, garlic and masala)
  • Shahi Korma (A rich sauce from the kitchens of the kings made from onions, fresh tomatoes, shahi cream and herbs)
  • Andhra Shahi Korma (The spiciest and hottest shahi korma sauce)

3. Pick a Filling

  • Grilled Vegetables Only (Fresh Onions, red and green peppers grilled lightly with fresh herbs and spices to retain their freshness while adding a crunch to the meal)
  • Paneer (Indian cottage cheese marinated in yogurt and house special sauces and herbs and then grilled to add a kick to your meal in every bite)
  • Tofu (Firm tofu diced and fried with garam masala to bring heat to your meal)
  • Chicken (Succulent chicken marinated in yogurt, herbs and house special spices to inject the taste deep into the chicken. The chicken is then grilled and served fresh onto the style of your choice)
  • Lamb (Lamb marinated in yogurt, lime juice and special lamb spices. +$1)


  • Raitha (Yogurt mixed with mild spices to cool the heat from the meal)
  • Cilantro (Fresh cilantro ground with chillies and lime to add extra spice and tang)
  • Sweet Tamarind (Tangy tamarind with a blend of sweet and savory spices to add a sweet dimension)


  • Samosa (Sometimes) - $3
  • Tikki Cholle - $4
  • Samosa Cholle - $5
  • Tikki Paav (Sometimes) - $4

Thirst Quenchers

  • Bottled Water - $1
  • Soda - $1
  • Mango Lassi - $3


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